MIEA Construction offers turnkey site development services with staff experienced in earthwork, drainage, underground utilities, aggregate base, asphalt paving, curbing, landscaping and hardscaping. MIEA’s equipment fleet is outfitted with state of the art GPS / 3D modeling machine control ensuring quality work that meets the customers schedule and end product expectations


The MIEA Group, is ideally suited for large Design Build and PPP projects. The past success of MIEA, in this market provides for a strong resume with hands on experience. The MIEA Team has the capability to design, build, finance, operate and maintain complex roadways and expressways for private clients, municipalities, counties and Departments of Transportation as needed. Our Design Build and Major Projects Teams work directly with the Owners to assure their end user goals and expectations are met.


MIEA’s rail experience includes interface/repair/ reconstruction of “at-grade” crossings in conjunction with roadway construction, structures (bridges, crash walls, etc.) within railroad corridor right-of-way, and construction of new rail facilities. To compliment the MIEA Construction services our management staff also has the capability to pull resources from our sister company (Blythe Construction) as well as the Eurovia rail company (RTF).


MIEA Construction Company has the experience needed to construct civil infrastructure facilities for ports and intermodal terminals. Our expertise in the design of asphalt mixes as well as the research and state of the art laboratory equipment at our North American Technical Center allows us to develop high performance asphalt mixes demanded by the loads in these types of projects.


In conjunction with our roadway, grading, drainage and structures crews MIEA Construction currently operates several Asphalt Plants supporting our paving crews. Working together, our staff have constructed some of the most complex roadways and expressways throughout the State of California over the past 95 years. The MIEA Group Companies (MIEA Construction and Blythe Construction) offer these services that encompass the Southeast United States including the states of California, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.


MIEA Construction Company is one of the leaders in production of high-quality hot mix and warm mix asphalt. Our services include public and private works as well as hot mix sales to our FOB customers including a range of services from asphalt removal and replacement to asphalt for new construction to emulsion sales and services.


MIEA Construction Company’s experience on many airport projects (Orlando, Tampa, Sanford, Jacksonville, Venice, Fort Lauderdale, etc.) has given us the knowledge to successfully coordinate with the airport safety and operations staff and complete the required work with little to no impact on operations.


At MIEA Materials, we pride ourselves on being customer friendly, environmentally friendly and in being good neighbors. We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency while maintaining our high-level of compliance in our recycling efforts at our landfill. We feel that by saving the earth’s resources through recycling, we can extend the life of current landfills, so new ones won’t be necessary.