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For several years MIEA Construction Company has been building the infrastructure to support the growth of Central California. From some of the first subdivisions and golf courses to the shopping centers and theme parks, MIEA has played a key role in shaping the landscape of California and surrounding areas. Some of the major projects have included the major sitework for the construction of the University of California; sitework for the Mall at Millenia, sitework for the original Amway Center, sitework for the area now known as Metrowest, and nearly 200 projects for Walt Disney World. Our list of projects also includes landfills (Orange County Landfill, Sarasota County Landfill, etc.), convention and industrial centers, hospitals and projects at the Kennedy Space Center.

Each reservoir requires multi-faceted reservoir evaluations and detailed exploitation plans. For the majority of our projects, we use 3D seismic, detailed geological interpretation, fluid flow reservoir engineering and operating data to characterize our oil reservoirs. Based on these assessments, we optimize or initiate reservoir recovery

In a typical Alberta Plains South Mannville oil reservoir, primary production brings only about 15 percent of the original oil-in-place to the surface.

The implementation of a waterflood improves recoveries, but still may only capture 40 percent of the original oil-in-place. Tertiary floods, based on chemicals, can increase the recovery of oil by another 12-15 percent.

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